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We produce everything in-house.
Why buy from stores middlemen when you can do it directly from the manufacturer?

It's not just a matter of cost, but also quality and service, fast and reliable answers by speaking directly with those who produce these panels.

A warehouse with a markup greater part already having to buy everything and externally to low prices has a unique solution continuously seek those who are able to give him the material at a lower price, the quality is the last of his thoughts. In more than half being no painting that is one of the most difficult and where even the best technical mistakes, often, not knowing the many existing problems make mistakes sometimes even absurd what type of beading with a white border to a panel that is colored with the inevitable result of seeing the effect of "frame" on the tiles mounted.

Another common mistake is to think that giving a ral code in a paint can be matched panels produced by different systems: it is not. Applying the same paint in different plants you can get two very different colors, there are no errors, it is inevitable to happen, but this can create a lot of problems. It can even happen that the spectrophotometer readings identical to the visual result in several different because the two paints reflect light in a different way (while the spectrophotometer measures color alone without taking into account the sheen). Not to mention the want to run a black on white and vice versa, which is one of the largest typical errors that are committed.

Just because many problems can be the advice is to turn to those who work it, and then the material can not only prevent, solve problems for those that might occur.

If you wish to customize the floors in different colors from the usual 4/5 that are on the market there are no problems, we have a vast selection of standard colors at a reasonable cost, then if you want a color sample you can also have that ( after verification of feasibility because not all samples on the market can be imitated with these coatings uv high resistance).

Why not save recovering what you sell?

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