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The attention to detail

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Below you will find a number of typical defects that competition ignore to save but we always try to take care to avoid the risk and avoid disputes. Unfortunately, the attention to detail at a cost which, although small, some customers do not understand and just to save a few tens of cents (to save 30/40 € per 100 square meters ....) are in danger of becoming embroiled in endless problems.

Below are some small details instead of which we have had feedback from our customers and we have seen with our eyes regenerating their materials purchased by others:

In the two photos above you can see a pack of colored floors of our production topped with a colorful piece of competition.
Aside from the aesthetic appearance or the best reflection (could also be due to the reduction of time or exposure to contaminants, we can not know, maybe by new are identical) When prompted for a color we provide the panel with a border of a very similar color to avoid resting them you can see lines that are too dark or too light, others see you believe that this most unnecessary cost.

Extensive catalog of colors, how many others can give you a catalog of functional gloss and matt lacquered colors as vast as ours?
and without considering that on request we also produce color samples ...

Want to know why others are struggling to make the colors and even when they do often they are very far from what is required? Why make a glossy painted colorful walked with the cycles used by the competition is even more complex than ours (and therefore much more expensive) then obviate this problem by taking a colored laminate and above only by applying the clear gloss (as they do for whites and blacks). Obviously, however, so the color is given solely by the paper used and the amount of paint and consequent uv lamps used (very yellowing color); The color in this case is therefore neither controllable nor editable. The problem is not about painting, but in the system used to reach the final color that is too rigid.

Packing high protection:

All of our new panels are sold palletized on pallets of 100 x 100 that enable us to better protect the pieces from freight movements. The angular fact that we have made is placed so as to cover also the pallet and to create, once incellofanato, a single block. How many times have you found the stack of pieces moved completely from one side on the classics, cheaper, but uncomfortable pallet 120 x 80? How much space in most in your warehouse?

pallet 100 x 100

It is not enough, on top of the pallet, before the first good piece, we place a platform of waste that protects the good from the failure of the pallet (such as protruding nails) but also from any episodes of forks that in 80% of cases the first break piece below (for higher stakes there is no remedy). Finally, above each pallet is placed a further platform waste to protect the first piece above is by any liquids, but also by the contact of any pallets that are placed above.

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