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Profile of Our company carries since 1975 the activity of industrial painting furniture. At the beginning of the 80s was one of the first to adopt a system of UV coating with high solids, and then with a low environmental impact. Since then we have specialized in the field reserved for this painting: for a large part dedicated to the interior of the cabinets or stays (backs, drawer bottoms, sides, sandwich panels or particle board) and the armored doors.
Since the beginning of the nineties has been successfully designed a process of painting that allows you to draw a vein of precious woods usually of inferior quality or appearance (Poplar, Ajous, Ilomba, koto etc..). This process has allowed to reduce costs, compared to traditional materials, while maintaining high quality finale.Da three years finally we were able to perform the same type of coating directly on the panels of crude md of 3 or 4 mm. (But can also be done on larger panels or honeycomb). This processing allows, starting from a crude md, to obtain a good imitation of the wood and also can be plated to obtain a honeycomb panel with cabinets for costs allows to compete with non-coated paper, while being painted has a quality similar to that normally reserved to the wood paneling.
The same panel, changing the colors or the type of imitation (we have 4 types of designs: Walnut Tanganyika chiselled, flamed Tanganyika Walnut, Mahogany and Cherry) can also be plated to obtain interior door apartment of similar quality to the wood but with costs considerably lower.
Finally after long studies and experiments we were able to build and fit in our line of painting some new machines. These have allowed us the beginning of 2001 to be able to paint the flat paneled doors from continuing to use paints uv combining an appearance very similar to the polyurethane to two significant advantages: reduced environmental impact (emissions ten times lower than those of a traditional polyurethane) , much lower cost to the polyurethane paint. Always using the same process, to increase the level of quality we can perform the work already paneled doors also printed on a sheet of md grezzo.Oltre that for the high quality of our work, our customers chose us for the speed in the delivery of the materials in our industry is crucial. Nowadays it has disappeared scheduling of orders and almost everything that is sent is urgent. Thanks to a highly flexible time we are able to increase the weekly production of a good 30% and this allows us in times of greater job of not ever lengthen delivery times.

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