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Production and sale panels for floors and fierce walls:

We have designed and manufactured the first tile in a medium densiti 10 mm. which can be completely regenerated CE certified in class Cfl-S1.

An example of what you can do

You can print any image or design in both versions glossy and matt. The glossy or matte surface  is the same as always with a floor space of even greater resistance due to the use of special inks uv.
Now the possibility exists, it only touches the imagination of your architects make real use ...

Paving classic uniform colors, surface shiny or matte

We are specialized in supply of panels for floors and walls to use fair
painted Shiny and Opaque and in the following regeneration of the same 
with notable savings for the client and for the environment.

We furnish the classical color dyed united by the white up to the black. 
We have a series of colors to store from the contained cost: 
white opaque ral9003 
shiny white ral9003
grey pearl shiny pantone 421
shiny alive red ral3020
blue shiny capri ral5019
grey anthracite ral7024
and at times also other completions of production.

We also furnish however colors of series of which have a vast of it 
I list Here that being of series they still have a contained cost 
even if in demand in small quantities

However we produce the imitation of any color on 
application even if it is an operation that involves a certain 
cost and to be convenient they need a minimum
 of quantity. In the photo of side you can see a series of
 floors grey opaque combined to a pink shiny pantone.

Or we can furnish a beautiful version metallizzata of the colors. 
We have a catalog of effects metallizzati to let to your clients to see. 
If you want we can also send you him in pdf.

This in the photo is a blue ral5010 effect metallic.

If you like the woods we are also able to stamp
with opaque or shiny finish as those in the photos at the side.

Sample stand built using panels from 10 mm. size in walls

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