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Who does not know the field of industrial painting wood paneling may not know how many changes there have been innovations or since 1975 (the year of our birth) to date. Yet thanks to the constant changes we have been able to survive in a place geographically unlucky: the field of mobile has some important poles, Pesaro, Tuscany, Emilia, Brianza, Veneto, not too far from all, but not too close together and therefore at a disadvantage compared to those who is located in these places. To say nothing of the work system in certain areas (still work today as it was 30 years ago) which, however we do not linger even thinking about it.
The only way we had and still have to compete with these areas has always been only one:


Thanks to the skill and passion of the owner, we have built mechanical internally all highly innovative machinery that allowed us to always arrive before the others to do a type of work normally expensive with a more economical way. So when the competitors reached us we had already taken the next step to do something that nobody else (at that time) did. I am here only since 1990, but I still remember when the crew said:
"Can not imitate the finishing veil with uv!"
"Replace the lacquered powdered with uv roller? Madness"
"Making a polished 100 glosh without the curtain coater? There own"
What yesterday seemed addirituttura difficult or impossible is now a reality. Here is the history of all our innovations:

1) Start the 80 'Adoption of the first spreaders funds uv: even when the other veiled the polyurethane primer, we fund the immediate drying we applied with a roller.

2) Half of the 80 'adoption of the first matte finish uv: even when others veiled polyurethane lacquer on all interior panels for furniture, we also have ended up roller with instant drying.

3) Start the 90 'painting with vein (printing) for the finishing of wood poor, while still others verniciavano the offset t / ka transparent we verniciavamo poplar imitating t / ka, the cost of poplar course.

4) Half Annii 90 'new finishing system uv polyurethane type: while still others verniciavano panels for security doors, the visible parts of the stays etc. with clear polyurethane or stained, we we applied a double finish with uv aesthetic result discernible only to a trained eye.

5) End 90 Years' first alternative to varnished wood: Before the advent of the laminate, there were only two types of support, the card (which cost as much as if painted wood) and wood painted: we added what was missing, a mdf that the cost of a printed mdf still the quality of varnished wood, the price of today's laminate.

6) Start the first decade of 2000 painting paneled doors from the apartment: when verniciavano still others (many still do so) the honeycomb panels for the doors to the apartment with the curtain coaters we ended up completely by roll uv.

7) Half of the first decade of 2000 entirely lacquer paint roller uv: even when others paint (still no one has been able to imitate) the full honeycomb panels or curtain coater we do a completely lacquered roller uv. The difference between the traditional cycle and our only distinguishes an expert.

8) End of the first decade of 2000 glossy lacquer coating roller: while still others paint the panels with curtain coaters or spray we do a gloss uv roller completely.

9) Early 2011: According to our current information, we are the first factory in Italy where it enters the truck of raw melamine and exits the tile glossy or matte lacquer finish.

10) Who knows what will be the next new

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